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How We Help You Seek a Human Animal Bond

   WHY WE ARE "THE SEEKERS"                                       HOW WE SEEK  AT "KEEP SEEKING"


As a Registered Nurse(RN,BSN,CNOR) and a Specialist in Human Animal Intervention(CHAIS) with a focus in Ethology and Animal Emotions, My focus is on every aspect of the Human Animal Bond. My goal and success with dogs who display aggressive behavior,  has been through finding the root cause of the dog’s anxiety and the behavior they display. I have been very successful at doing this and I Do Not believe in teaching or maintaining animals with painful tools or devices.

Humans and dogs sharing the incredible instinct called "SEEKING," helps us understand not only what motivates our dogs to seek out emotional and physical stimulation. An essential component in this continuum, is true Calm.  This is too often mistaken for compliance or fatigue. The key is knowing how to recognize, connect with and understand how to assist the restorative circuitry, to help anxious dogs decompress, self soothe and feel content.

 At "Keep Seeking" we understand that while dogs who are living in comfortable human homes are fortunate to have their food provided, they still need to expend their social and foraging energy, which is naturally stored for survival based activity..

That's where we come in. We are committed to helping dogs and their families express this over abundance of energy constructively, and we will offer activities such as, scent work, sniffing and foraging, chasing and when appropriate, socializing conducted in a supervised safe field.

Our team specializes in controlling simulated rabbit lures and tapping into each dog's natural inclination to run, chase and capture prey.  We create an upbeat engaging experience in a safe area for their drive to stay pleasant while purposeful. Through this interactive play, dogs of all breeds can reap emotional, social, and physical benefits

Our approach to "Playing"  draws inspiration from traditional  Lure Coursing, a thrilling recreational sport where specific dog breeds showcase their inherent hunting abilities. 

"All Breed Lure Coursing" brings the excitement of this sport to all dog breeds, allowing them to unleash their instincts and have a blast ! 

"Keep Seeking Lure Coursing" will take this one step further. Join us and discover the joy and fulfillment that the exhilaration can bring to you and your canine companion. It is a fantastic way to channel their energy, stimulate their minds, integrate emotional and behavioral therapy, to foster a deeper bond between you and your beloved best friend.

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