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Our Proactive and Progressive Program

What is unique about “THE SEEKERS” club? 

We are a recreational and educational All Breed Lure Coursing program, dedicated to 

developing and enhancing the Positive emotional bonds between Dogs and Humans .


I am Margo Patrick. As the Lure Course Operator, I control the movement of the simulated rabbit as it “runs” through the field, on a mechanically driven string.  


What makes my control of the course different from other lure coursing activities??

 - I Control The Machine With a Remote Hand Control And I Am Out In The Field With The 

    Dog At All Times. . 


                   WHY DO I view the LURE COURSE as a THERAPEUTIC MODALITY?

  • I am a Specialist in Human Animal Intervention, and my focus includes the welfare, training, fitness, and the dog’s agency aka ability to make a choice.

  • One of my goals is to observe and facilitate the ability of the Dog to meet Their own needs through communication and behavior. 

  • Humans need to learn that Prey drive is Not the same as Aggressive behavior and to allow dogs to complete their chasing sequence, and to see what this means to each dog.

  • Every dog needs to have the opportunity to learn how it feels to stay in the emotional and functional space of PLAY with purpose.

  • Humans can see the emotional and behavioral benefits of allowing the dogs to experience their own natural prey drive, each in their own way.


My perspective - Our lives as guardians of dogs and how we learn to be each other’s companion is further explained below:


                               How did I recognize the potential of the activity?

I am licensed, certified and trained, with many years of experience working in multiple human and animal medical and therapeutic disciplines. This affords me the flexibility to blend evidence based scientific theory and research in animal behavior, biology and animal emotions. In addition I possess the experience and ability to draw from a broad medical knowledge base to help with the constantly evolving daily needs of dogs and their humans.

My Certification as a Specialist in Human Animal Intervention(CHAIS) included extensive training to work with dogs and families. This includes comprehensive alignment of best practice ethics, canine learning and canine behavior to promote facilitate and restore the Human Animal Bond. My CHAIS concentration and planning encompasses welfare, training, fitness and the dog’s agency aka awareness of their choice

As the Lure Course Operator,  my primary concern is the welfare and the safety of every dog in the field. All breed lure coursing allows all breeds, not only the dogs who are bred specifically for the sport, to come and have an opportunity to run and chase.

As a Certified Yoga Instructor, I am well versed and experienced in mediation, breathing, bringing focus. At some point perhaps we will introduce puppies and people Yoga.

My perspective from Ethology involves the scientific study of the ability of the dog to meet their own needs in the environment, through affective and effective communication and behavior. My plan is to include additional enrichment, beginning with Nose Work.

This innovative activity empowers dogs to harness their innate scenting abilities within their surroundings.

It follows then, that I believe and agree that  on prey driven activity is best explained this way:

Prey drive is Not the same as Agressive behavior.

Prey drive is part of Predatory Sequence. These are behavioral patterns which are actually based in naturally selected genetic coding, allowing each member of a species to develop the ability to  efficiently acquire a resource or to achieve a goal. It is not Aggressive behavior                                                        

Note:“Predatory drift” is a primitive reflex, that can result in aggressive behavior and is avoidable. 

We will see how this works in the field to help the  dogs with behaviors  and to educate their  guardians  about their dog’s  need to manifest prey drive in certain  play chasing behavior 


Dominance is posturing and signaling when competing for a resource with another known(or neutral) dog. It is Not injurious. It is Not aggressive behavior. 

HOWEVER -If it escalates and there is a bite, then it IS considered Aggressive behavior. WHY?

Aggressive behavior is elimination of competition. It is behavior towards a competitor who persists after being warned  (…) Aggressive behavior ranges from: a reliable warning of impending damaging behavior, such as growling, roaring and stomping, to injurious behaviors, such as biting, staging and kicking. It is the last resort behavior meant to be painful, then injure, then eliminate the threat or opponent.  Predatory behavior is not aggressive behavior..  (Dr. Roger Abrantes, Director ETHOLOGY INSTITUTE CAMBRIDGE)

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