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As we are new to the community, I would like invite everyone to give lure coursing a try. 











*Please click here for updates


Please click on "book now" button below to see regular pricing.

Please note that the dogs are given multiple opportunities to run and decompress.

In this way we are able to manage the flow of the dogs who are running because there are dogs who are new and dogs who are more experienced. All dogs need time to learn and to rest in order to process their experience in their own way. This is part of their journey towards SELF-REGULATION. We will do a deep dive into embodying this concept. 

My team will assign and guide you to the resting/waiting areas once you arrive each day.



  • We will be incorporating free workstations.

  • In our future schedules we will be including certain days and hours with the opportunity to try "Scentwork" which is beginning level nose work. Stay tuned as we embark on these enriching adventures together!


Please keep in mind: If your dog is new to the activity, has anxiety around other dogs or if we are working on their ability to move freely, it is best to pre-register so I can schedule everyone accordingly.

Please review the pages: "INFORMATION" and "Every “SEEKER” Style and Needs" 

Please choose an approximate block of time when you choose a session.

As we work out the scheduling, I will contact you with more information. 

This is to accommodate the dogs, who have the special needs, which I review in the Information and the Style and Needs pages. 

If you forget your phone, our crew member will be happy to send you a video of your dog for only $5. 


I am always available to discussing any concerns.

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